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SAMBA software installation in progress

Software Installation & Management

Our core business is helping our residential and business clients install and update their software systems.  This includes everything from installing operating systems to standalone programs.

Secure Installation

Authentic software that is consistently patched and updated not only performs well, but significantly enhances security and privacy.

Network Administration

Communication between applications is a key feature of modern computer technology.  We make sure this goes smoothly.

Custom Development

Sometimes existing software applications don't meet all of our clients' needs.  We have the capability to augment functionality with bolt on custom-coded solutions.




SAMBA is a challenging network administration package to install.  It's also our bread and butter.



Choosing and install internet browsers may seem simple, but enterprise clients with hundreds of machines have come to rely on us for help.


Operating Systems

Keeping operating systems updated at scale is no small challenge.  We differentiate ourselves with our onsite team that will be there to help you.


Software Bugs

When customers hit a software bug, calling customer support is rarely an efficient use of their time.  We do this work for you so you can focus on more important business matters.

Why go with Oregon Tech Support?  Because whether you have a large or small project we are a hands on team that will make you a priority and get the job done.

Evan and his team provide excellent tech support to 5,000 undergraduate students.  The computer labs are running smoothly and if there is a challenge, which is rare, OTS is on site that same day to resolve it.

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Computers and networking technology is our passion.

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